4 Benefits of It Works! Compensation Plan

Jun 25, 2020 | Blog |

4 Benefits of It Works! Compensation Plan

The It Works! compensation plan is designed to help you achieve your maximum earning potential, reach your financial goals, and live a more fulfilling and friendship-rich life. But aside from a sizable income, the plan also offers other terrific benefits for It Works product distributors. For example, individuals who just joined the It Works! family can enjoy the following within 30 days:

Bonus Volume Commission

One of the best things about the It Works! compensation plan is that you get to earn commissions from the sales you make. However, you need to be Commission Qualified first if you want to start collecting bonuses in your It Works! business. By enrolling in the Business Builder Kit, you get to be Commission Qualified on your first 30 days as an It Works! distributor. Afterward, you must meet one of the following requirements to retain this perk:

  • You must process a minimum of 80 Bonus Volume auto-shipments.
  • You must have at least 400 Personal Bonus Volume every month.

Side Notes:

  • A Bonus Volume is a value assigned to an It Works! product that’s used to determine a Distributor’s qualifications for bonuses and commissions.
  • A Personal Bonus Volume is the sum of BVs gathered from orders made by the Distributor personally or by their customers.

Bonus Volume Commission

Distributor Rebate Credit

You can also earn free It Works! products for yourself and your business through the Distributor Rebate Credit scheme. This program rewards you with a product credit worth $120 for gathering and enrolling four Qualified Active Customers within your first 30 days as a distributor. By employing more Loyal Customers, you’ll build your It Works! business and get freebies at the same time.

Side Notes:

  • A Loyal Customer is a customer who signed up to It Works! Auto-Ship agreement for three months.
  • A Qualified Active Loyal Customer is a Loyal Customer who meets and signs up with the It Works! Loyal Customer agreement, and who does not have the same address as you, any other Distributors, or any other Loyal Customers.

Wrap Rewards

As stated in the It Works! compensation plan, enrolling Loyal Customers within 30 days will also help you earn Wrap Rewards, points you can use to buy the It Works! Wrap™ or the Facial Applicator™ at a discounted price. Basically, it goes like this: For every two Qualified Active Loyal Customers you enroll, you get one Wrap Reward. This benefit is valid for up to 60 days from the date they are applied to your account. And the more Qualified Active Loyal Customers you enroll, the more Wrap rewards you’ll be able to accumulate.

Wrap Rewards

Fast Start Bonus

Lastly, you get to potentially enjoy the Fast Start Bonus on your first 30 days. The Fast Start Bonus is a cash reward worth $100 earned by qualified individuals during their early 30 days as an It Works! product distributor. To receive the bonus yourself, you need to be Fast Start Bonus Qualified. You can do that by meeting the requirements below within 30 days:

  • You must purchase the Business Builder Kit
  • You must set up and process a minimum of 80 BV auto-shipments
  • You must enroll two Qualified Active Loyal Customers

Join It Works! to Enjoy These Benefits

As you can see, being an It Works! product distributor will give you amazing benefits alongside sizable earnings. So make money with It Works! today and start enjoying all the privileges the It Works! compensation plan has to offer. 

If you want to learn more about becoming an It Works! distributor, or you’re interested in any of their products, visit Itworks.com.

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