Today’s hectic lifestyles can leave you with heightened stress, low energy, and fatigue. It Works! Confianza can help you cope, boost your energy, and lower tension and stress. 

This naturally based herbal blend helps customers deal with all types of stress – physical, emotional, and environmental – while boosting energy the healthy way. 

The adaptogens in It Works! Confianza work with adrenal glands to balance your body’s response to stress. You’ll also have more energy and greater focus and concentration. 

Named for the Spanish word for confidence, Confianza can provide you with a boost of confidence, focus, and calmness during stressful times and will boost energy and restful sleep. 

It Works! Confianza is a product of It Works!, a health and wellness company with independent distributors and a range of supplements and weight-loss products. 

Confianza is available through distributors as well as on Amazon. Generally, the Amazon price is slightly higher but Amazon delivery is faster.  

Ingredients of Confianza 

It Works! Confianza is a blend of herbs that helps with anxiety and coping with stress. Its ingredients include extracts of epimedium grandiflorum, puncturevine, Siberian ginseng root, golden root, and schisandra fruit. 

The adaptogens in this herbal blend provide a sense of calm without leaving you feeling groggy or sleepy. The energy provided through Confianza is steady and not with highs and lows like the boost you get from caffeine or sugar.  

Confianza users report that it takes the edge off of their anxiety, balances hormones, and helps them get a better night’s sleep. 

Studies on Confianza Ingredients 

Scientific studies have shown that adaptogens such as the natural ones found in Confianza lessen anxiety symptoms. 

Its herbal adaptogens lower cortisol, which is essential for weight loss and stress reduction. Other benefits shown include support of lower blood sugar and stabilized blood pressure. 

Epimedium grandiflorum and puncturevine boost testosterone and balance hormones in the body. These ingredients also boost energy and may even increase libido. 

Ginseng has been proven to sharpen mental function and concentration in addition to giving a boost of energy.  

Schisandra fruit has been the subject of studies for its promise in promoting health and anti-aging.  

Golden root has been studied for its potential in boosting immunity. 

While supplements are not required to carry FDA approval, the ingredients of Confianza are well-researched and have been proven to promote healthy living.

Health Benefits 

Confianza’s main benefit is a reduction in stress-related anxiety and tension, delivered by a blend of natural adaptogens that keep your body in balance.  

This It Works! supplement also gives customers a boost of steady energy during the day, which may be related to more restful sleep.  

Other benefits of Confianza include decreased appetite and fewer mood swings associated with menopause. 

Is It Works! Confianza Safe? 

Confianza has not been shown to have severe side effects. However, if you are using prescription medications, consult your physician before using Confianza. 

Don’t discontinue prescription medications for anxiety or add Confianza without talking to your doctor. Make sure any prescription drugs you take will not be affected by Confianza’s herbal ingredients.

Negative reviews of Confianza have tended to focus on whether it worked for that particular customer and not on side effects, which indicates that side effects tend to be rare. 

If pregnant or trying to become pregnant, Confianza is a good choice for you. Schisandra can be unsafe for pregnant and breastfeeding women to consume. Discuss any supplements you’d like to take with your doctor before using them. 

Customer Results 

Customers who have purchased It Works! Confianza are overwhelmingly happy with the results, rating it with five stars on Amazon.  

From balancing hormones to reducing stress levels, beneficial results have been reported after the use of Confianza. 

One customer reported that Confianza stops her panic attacks. Another said Confianza helps her bouts with restless leg syndrome. 

Customers with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue say Confianza lessens anxiety and provides energy. Taking Confianza before bed has been reported to promote a good night’s sleep. 

The Bottom Line 

It Works! Confianza can be a helpful product for those with anxiety as well as for those who deal with the stress of modern life. Work, parenting, and relationships, commuting, and keeping life in balance can be stressful for all of us.  

Whether you need help getting a restful sleep, something to reduce stress and anxiety, or balance your body’s hormones, Confianza could help.  

Confianza’s herbal adaptogens will help your body achieve balance and should increase energy and mental sharpness and focus.  

While you should never take supplements in place of prescription drugs without the consent of your physician, It Works! Confianza has been reported to lessen symptoms for those with anxiety as well as for those with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.  

Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding should avoid Confianza because it contains schisandra.  

It Works! Confianza™