Best It Works Products for Your Post-Workout Routine

Apr 23, 2020 | Blog |

Hitting the gym is vital if you want to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, and no proper gym session is complete without a nice post-workout routine. With It Works! products and supplements, you’ll get that and more. Check out some of the top It Works! post-workout merchandise below.


it works! Energy

It Works! Energy gives you a much-needed energy boost so you won’t spend your days slumped and tired after a workout. Each stick of this product comes packed with vitamin B12 to help you stay focused, balanced, and energized. And it has a lemon-lime flavor that makes for a delicious post-gym treat.

It Works! Energy is available in packs of 30 2-gram single-serve sticks. For an instant boost, take up to two sticks of the powder directly on your tongue per day.


it works! Hydrate+

Staying hydrated is also an essential part of post-workout routines. With It Works! Hydrate+, you’ll be able to stay refreshed, balanced, and hydrated. This electrolyte-charged drink powder is formulated with multiple vitamins and minerals for faster recovery time and improved overall wellness.

It Works! Hydrate+ comes in 30 (5.9 grams) single-serve packets. For the perfect hydration drink, mix one packet with 8 ounces of water daily.

Super Reds

it works! Super Reds

On the other hand, It Works! Super Reds provides you a nutritional powerhouse of naturally-sourced fruits, berries, and superfoods. Like other It Works! dietary supplements, it comes with vibrant antioxidants and vitamin-infused ingredients to help you minimize stress and keep you energized after a rigorous workout routine.

It Works! Super Reds is available either in a 6.35-ounce jar (equivalent to 180 grams), or 30 (6 grams) single-serve packets. For a super boost, mix one packet or one level scoop of the drink powder with 8 grams of water or gym juice daily.

Super Greens

it works! Super Greens

But while Super Reds is derived from fruits, It Works! Super Greens is made from vegetables found on both land and sea. This product contains a unique, vegetarian blend of algae, seaweeds, sprouts, exotic mushrooms, and leafy plants. It will help you maintain nutritional balance, ensure healthy digestion, and keep your body alkalized post-workout.

Like Super Reds, It Works! Super Greens comes in a 6.35-ounce jar (equivalent to 180 grams), or a pack of 30 (6 grams) single-serve sticks. For best results, stir one packet or one level scoop of the drink powder with 8 grams of water or workout shake daily.

Blender Bottle

it works! Blender Bottle

Of course, you can always enjoy It Works! supplements in any gym tumbler. But if you want a cooler-looking container, try out It Works! Blender Bottle. This tumbler has an overall capacity of 22 oz. (or 650 mL) alongside two detachable jars that can hold 3 oz and 5 oz (100 mL and 150 mL, respectively).

The Blender Bottle also has a removable pill organizer where you can put your gym supplements, as well as a blender ball that will continually whisk your beverage wherever you go. And to top it off, it comes with a leak-proof lid.

Get It Works! Products for Your Post-Workout Routine

Any of these It Works post-workout products will make excellent additions to your fitness routine. So better grab a couple of them now if you haven’t yet.

Learn more about It Works! and their products by visiting It Works! product distributor today.

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