If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution to a healthier digestive and immune system, then It Works! Probiotic is the supplement you need. 

A healthy gut is the key to your overall health. It can be difficult to maintain through a healthy lifestyle and diet alone. It Works! Probiotic is the best probiotic and prebiotic dietary supplement you’ll find on the market. 


It Works! Probiotic is designed to target digestive and immune health. This Probiotic plus Prebiotic is formulated with two proprietary blends. Together, they work to strengthen your whole digestive system with targeted support for your small and large intestines.


There are many benefits to both probiotics and prebiotics. They include:

  • Reduced risk of some diseases
  • Improved digestion
  • Weight loss
  • Enhanced immune function
  • Better skin health
  • Keeps “bad bacteria” in check

How Probiotics Work

Probiotics are known as “helpful” or “good” bacteria (and include certain types of yeast) that you want to have in your body. Probiotics are a natural supplement, not medication. It’s safe to take them every day and can help restore balance to your body.

Certain foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, and tempeh contain more probiotics than others. However, you get a more consistent and higher dose of necessary probiotics when taken in capsule form. 

It Works! Probiotic, also contain prebiotics. Prebiotics are usually carbs, and they help feed the probiotic bacteria already living in your gut. Prebiotics keeps the good bacteria healthy so that they can fight off the harmful illness-causing bacteria. This enables you to maintain good gut health.

Without the ideal balance of probiotics in your system, you won’t be able to keep your digestive system regular. And, unlike a lot of other probiotics, It Works! uses ingredients that restore and rebalance the microflora in both ends of your digestive system—the small and the large intestines.

It Works! Probiotic Core Ingredients

To harvest the benefits listed above, It Works! crafted two proprietary probiotic and prebiotic blends.

It Works! Probiotic: The Five Probiotic Strains 

According to the It Works! Website, the probiotic proprietary blend in It Works! Probiotic comes from 10 billion live cultures from five unique probiotic strains to target the health of your whole digestive tract.

The three lactobacillus strains included in the formula target the small intestine, and the two bifidobacterium strains target the large intestine.

These probiotics replenish good bacteria throughout your small and large intestines to counterbalance harmful bacteria. These strains work together to restore your system’s optimal microflora balance, lower pH levels, and support your body’s immunity—70% of which is right in your digestive tract.

It Works! Probiotic: Plant-Based Prebiotic Blend

It Works! prebiotic proprietary blend provides the food to fuel the probiotic strains. Probiotics are live bacteria naturally found in your colon, and prebiotics are dietary fibers. 

As the probiotics replenish and rebalance throughout your whole digestive system, they require energy from prebiotics. 

This prebiotic blend includes three nutrient-rich greens—spinach, kale, and watercress—combined with Orafti®, an inulin fiber that targets your large intestine to feed good bacteria and help rebalance your system.

How to Use

According to the It Works! Probiotic instructions, this dietary supplement should be taken once a day, preferably with a meal or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Continued daily use is suggested. 

The capsule may be opened and mixed into a cool drink or food. It is instructed that the user does not add the capsule contents to warm or hot foods or beverages.

When to Use

It’s good to take a probiotic supplement daily if you don’t think you’re getting enough from diet alone. If you’ve recently had an infection, you may want to take a probiotic. 

Taking antibiotics kills off both your good and bad bacteria. If you have symptoms like bloating, constipation, or diarrhea after an antibiotics run, you may want to take a probiotic. 

Before Use

Because probiotic supplements are all-natural and aren’t considered drugs, they do not need to be approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Probiotic supplements are considered extremely low-risk in terms of side effects.

You should always talk to your healthcare provider before starting any kind of supplement or before instituting a significant change to your diet.

About the Manufacturer

It Works! Is an independent distributor of healthy lifestyle products. They believe that results-driven, easy-to-use products can change your life for the better. 

Every product from It Works! strives to enhance your life and jumpstart your journey towards personal achievement. It Works! create products backed by science, simple to incorporate into your existing routine, and that truly work! 

Everyone at It Works! endeavors to create products that they would use themselves. It Works! Wants customers to be able to live the life of their dreams. 

Where to Buy

All-natural and safe probiotics offer an easier path to a healthier lifestyle. Restore your body’s healthy balance today. Buy It Works! Probiotic for the best and most comprehensive solution to your gut health. 

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