It Works! Sleepy Tea Review
It Works! Sleepy Tea Review

It Works! Sleepy Tea 

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep, but sometimes that’s hard to come by. You rest your head on the pillow, close your eyes, and find your brain just won’t quit. If you experience occasional sleeplessness, It Works! Sleepy Tea is the solution. 

It Works! Sleepy Tea combines three restful and restorative super-supplements: melatonin, magnesium, and chamomile. These natural minerals and herbs have a reputation for promoting sleep and restoration, and it’s well-earned. 

The science shows that each ingredient in Sleepy Tea promotes a good night’s sleep without the side effects of sleeping pills. So when you need a good night’s sleep, It Works! Sleepy Tea has you covered. 

Active Ingredients

It Works! Sleepy Tea contains: 

  • Magnesium
  • Melatonin
  • It Works! Sleepy Tea Herb Blend (including Chamomile, Dandelion Root, Parsley Leaf, Lavender Extract, Passionflower, Lemon Balm, Holy Basil Leaf, and other rest-promoting herbs) 

Studies on Active Ingredients 

It Works! Sleepy Tea uses a full range of sleep-promoting herbs with magnesium and melatonin to help you fall asleep. One of the most potent herbs in the blend is chamomile, which traditional medicine has long used to promote a calm and restful sleep. 

Its long history of use sparked interest from modern scientists who found that chamomile absolutely has a calming effect. Scientists hypothesize that a flavonoid within chamomile, called apigenin, binds to benzodiazepine receptors in the brain. That means chamomile acts as a mild sedative. 

It promotes a sense of relaxation and calmness, which could help you fall asleep. 

In It Works! Sleepy Tea, chamomile isn’t on its own. Melatonin and magnesium act alongside it to promote restorative sleep. 

Melatonin is a hormone that your body produces naturally. On a good day, your body begins to produce melatonin in the evening, about two hours before you go to bed. As that happens, you begin to feel restful and calm. 

Though most people make enough melatonin naturally, supplementation can stimulate your body’s natural production when you need it. On nights when you’re tossing and turning, doctors often recommend a melatonin supplement. Taking it alongside chamomile and magnesium provides an extra-powerful option. 

Science shows that magnesium plays a crucial role in sleep regulation and other vital body functions like maintaining your immune system’s health. Researchers don’t fully understand how magnesium affects sleep, but they’re sure that we need enough of it to experience a good night’s rest. 

Low levels of magnesium, which is common in teens, older adults, or those who consume alcohol regularly, can cause insomnia. It’s also linked to anxiety and depression, both of which tend to cause poor sleep. 

So, supplemental magnesium may help with occasional sleeplessness. Combine it with chamomile and melatonin, and you’re on the road to sweet dreams. 

How it Works

When you’re ready to unwind after a long and busy day, heat up 8 oz of water, and mix in It Works! Sleepy Tea. The soothing steam and refreshing mint flavor will lull you into a state of pure calm. 

Thirty to sixty minutes later, you’ll be ready to crawl between your sheets, rest your head on your pillow, and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. 

It Works! Sleepy Tea is best for occasional sleeplessness and shouldn’t be used for chronic sleep problems. Using one packet when you need it at night ensures you’ll sleep soundly. 

Health Benefits

Thanks to It Works! Sleepy Tea’s herb blend with added magnesium and melatonin, this tea contains all sorts of added health benefits. It Works! Sleepy Tea can:

  • Promote a restful night’s sleep
  • Provide relaxation and a calm state of mind
  • Help restore your body’s clock by promoting a regular circadian rhythm 
  • Promote a positive mood and healthy immune system 

Is it Safe? 

It Works! Sleepy Tea uses natural herbs and minerals to help promote calm and restful sleep. Because the ingredients have a long history of use, and in the case of melatonin are intrinsic to your body’s system, the tea is safe for treating occasional sleeplessness. 

What Users are Saying 

We wanted to know what users thought of It Works! Sleepy Tea. So, we scoured social media to find what current users had to say. Here are a few reviews in their own words:

“Tried it for the first time last night and loved it. Will be having more tonight.” 

“I’ve been suffering from mild insomnia since 2016, and no meds have helped alleviate it. But within a week of drinking It Works! Sleepy Tea, I find myself snoozing seconds after hitting the pillows. This product is legit!”

“I love this sleepy tea. This helps me relax and with me having a sore throat this makes it not hurt as much.”

It Works! Sleepy Tea is a safe and natural way to fight off sleeplessness. Try it for yourself and see! A few sips, and you’ll be sailing into restful, restorative sleep.