Maintaining a diet and exercise routine can be challenging, especially when the bathroom scale does not demonstrate all the work from the gym and kitchen. Using It Works! Wraps as a regular part of your wellness routine can help you feel your best and beat those scale-induced blues. 

It Works! Wraps can help tone and firm and problematic areas of your body. Need to lose a few inches to fit into that bridesmaid dress? Need to squeeze into those awesome jeans gathering dust in your closest? Need to look lean and feel incredible? The answer is here! 

It Works! Wraps: What’s the Deal? 

The It Works! Wraps product is a body wrap infused with a blend of natural ingredients that encourage tightening and firming to targeted areas of the body. This at-home wrapping remedy takes about 45 minutes to achieve maximum effectiveness. However, after the initial usage, some people find that sleeping in their wrap maximizes slimming effects! 

The unique blend of topical supplements contained within It Works! Wraps constantly hydrate the application area for more youthful and plump skin, which can minimize the appearance of cellulite. Nourished skin is healthy skin, and It Works! Wraps provide high-level nutritional value that can define body contours. It does not matter what part of your body needs firming; It Works! Wraps can be used anywhere from the arms to the midsection, or even legs! 

The It Works! wrapping process is most effective when using in conjunction with other products like the ultimate body applicator and the defining gel! Ideally, the wrapping process would begin using the body applicator, then apply the wrap around the targeted body area. Once the wrap is removed, using the defining gel to complete your toning regimen increases the wrap’s effectiveness. 

To achieve the best results of your wrap, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine will help. Drinking the recommended amounts of water each day can help flush out the toxins that create retention and bloating. 

It Works! Wraps: Active Ingredients

The unique blend of nutrients and supplements in the It Works! Wraps provide many positive benefits to the body and the metabolic system. 

Green Tea Leaf Extract

A component of It Works! Wraps is green tea leaf extract. Green tea extract contains a vast number of antioxidants, which have been credited with: 

  • promoting heart, liver, and brain health;
  • improving skin appearance; and
  • reducing the risk of cancer.

Studies have determined that green tea supports weight loss by encouraging your body to burn calories more productively, which increases energy levels. Notably, green tea extract helps maintain normal cell health. As you know, irregular cell development leads to cancer, but green tea extract aids in preventing some types of cancer by its cell regulation properties. 

Rosemary Leaf Oil

Another beneficial ingredient in It Works! Wraps is rosemary leaf oil. Indeed, for hundreds of years, rosemary has been lauded for its medical value. Traditionally, rosemary has been used to:

  • alleviate muscle pain;
  • improve memory; and
  • boost the immune system.

Rosemary contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that bolster the immune system and increase blood circulation. In addition to these physical health benefits, rosemary may help control mental health and intense emotions. 

Research has discovered that breathing in the scent of rosemary oil could reduce stress levels. Specifically, rosemary may reduce levels of cortisol – your body’s natural alarm system for stress.  

Butcher’s Broom 

An interestingly named ingredient – Butcher’s broom – is a plant whose root is used to make medicinal supplements. Most often used to treat poor cardiovascular circulation, lower extremity cramping, and varicose veins, Butcher’s Boom is an essential ingredient in It Works! Wraps. 

Applying Butcher’s boom directly to the skin can reduce signs of aging. In short, the essential chemicals in Butcher’s broom shrink or narrow blood vessels, which improves circulation and can create that much-sought fresh glow. 


Guarana contains caffeine and other minerals that have antioxidant features. Because guarana contains caffeine, some studies have found that its regular use may boost metabolic rates and aid personal energy production. Additionally, guarana has antioxidant properties, which yield many wellness benefits. 

Since our body wraps include guarana, the wraps support blood flow to your skin, diminish aging damage, and reduce wrinkles. Notably, guarana suppresses fat cell production and promotes genes that slow fat building down.

Eucalyptus Leaf Oil

All of the ingredients included in the It Works! Wrap systems are naturally occurring. Specifically, eucalyptus leaf oil derives from an evergreen tree localized to Australia. Among its many benefits, eucalyptus is credited with supporting a robust immune system. Additionally, eucalyptus leaf oil is an often included ingredient in topical pain relief creams; it relieves soreness or tension by bringing a cool or warm sensation to a specific area.

These active ingredients combined with other formulated supplements create a fat cell burning and detoxifying product. The It Works! Wraps are unparalleled, making them the best on the market for body toning and overall wellness! 

Body Wraps: Easy and Effective 

Results from It Works! Wraps are visible about an hour after removal and last for up to three days after! Mainly, It Works! Wraps: 

  • Tone and firm perceived problem areas
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks
  • Improve skin hydration and complexion

Regularly using the It Works! body wrap technology adds to a holistic health plan, and the benefits of wrapping can include full body detox, metabolic recharge, body contouring, and skin rejuvenation. 


Body wraps encompass your body holding active ingredients tight against the skin. Wraps are effective detox tools because the binding works to stimulate circulation, remove impurities, and replenish needed minerals.  Detoxing is how the body removes naturally occurring free radicals that slow down our bodies’ regular filtering systems via the liver or kidneys. Regularly checking in with how our body is processing food and other nutrients is essential to ensure overall wellness. Adding It Works! Wraps to your routine to ensure maximum cleansing effectiveness can boost the detoxification process! 

Boosting Metabolism 

Metabolizing is a necessary bodily process where the body converts nutrients into energy. It is a complex process where calories in food are fused with oxygen to release energy required for movement and daily function. With a higher or “faster” metabolism, calories are spent more efficiently, making it easier for your body to process food and lose weight. A high metabolism gives a person more energy and improves overall mood. Body wraps work to boost your metabolism by jump-starting speedy weight loss by asking your body to burn calories more quickly. 


Body contouring usually includes cosmetic treatments that aim to unveil a toned body hidden beneath the surface. Fortunately, using body wraps on soft areas of the body allows the skin and any fatty cells to shrink, creating more definition. It Works! Wraps provide contouring for stubborn belly fat in less than an hour; the wraps are an easy way to jump into being “swimsuit ready”! 

Losing Inches

Similar to the effects of contouring, bodies that undergo wrapping can expect to lose inches once the wrap is removed. It Works! Wraps moisturize the skin and promote healthier cell life, which causes the skin to plump and cells to become smaller, which results in the loss of inches where the wrap is applied. 

When a person loses inches, the metabolism can work faster. Therefore, losing inches ultimately helps your body control weight. In the short term, that might not translate to a smaller number on the scale, but having complete control of your weight can lead to sustainable weight loss over time. 

Softening Skin 

Wraps improve the feel and appearance of skin by ridding the body of excess fluids and toxins. It Works! Wraps create a natural glow and allow the affected skin to take on a youthful, supple quality. 

It Works! Wraps are easy to use and are highly effective no matter your wellness goals. To drop inches, maintain weight, or obtain brighter and healthier skin, It Works! Wraps technology can lead to successful goal attainment. 

It Works! Wrap: Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I use the It Works! Wraps?

Ideally, It Works! Wraps can be used every three days. While safe to use more frequently, the effects of each wrap last for the entire 72 hour period. Allowing some time to pass between wraps will enable you to take stock of the It Works! Wraps sundry benefits! 

How long should I wear the It Works! Wrap?

Suppose it is your first time using the It Works! Wrap, the most suitable time to leave the product on your skin is about 45 minutes. This initial “trial run” will help you understand the feelings generated by the wrap and ensure that you do not have any allergic reaction to the blend of liquid nutrients contained in the It Works! Wrap. 

In subsequent wrappings, you may leave the wrap on for more than 45 minutes if you choose. Indeed, some users wear the It Works! Wrap overnight! However, users should not wear the wrap for more than eight consecutive hours.  To spur the effectiveness of your wrapping, check out other It Works! products to use in the interim, such as It Works! Defining Gel.

What products are needed to use the It Works! Wrap system? 

Before applying any wrap, cleaning and drying the specific area of the body is necessary for best results. It Works! Wraps should be applied directly to the skin. To keep the applicator in place, It Works! has created the Fab Wrap, which holds the actual wrap in place tight against the targeted area of the body. 

After no less than 45 minutes and no more than eight hours, users should remove the wrap. To finalize the process, using the Defining Gel to maintain the wrap’s positive results can add to the visual benefits of this It Works! program. 

How long will It Works! Wrap Results Last?

Result longevity can vary with It Works! Wraps. The immediate effects of youthful-looking, firm skin and body areas last for up to three days. Still, in combination with healthy lifestyle choices and plenty of water intake, the remarkable results can last permanently! 

The It Works! Wraps tone and tighten areas of your body that you most want to improve, which is why adding this product to your already established diet and exercise routine can prove lasting change—continuing regular usage of the It Works! Wraps can help maintain your results. 

Do People Experience Side Effects with It Works! Wraps?

If you otherwise experience sensitive skin issues and have never used products with similar ingredients to It Works! Wraps, there is the potential for a slight rash to develop. 

Any redding should disappear once the wrap is removed. If your reaction is severe, you should discontinue the use of the product. If you have any concerns, please follow up with your regular medical provider for more information. 

Should a person apply more than one wrap at a time?

The It Works! wrap system targets the specific region of application. It Works! suggests that users apply one wrap per session per area of the body. For example, if you use the wrap on arms or legs, each area should be treated simultaneously using two separate products to promote symmetrical results. 

It Works! It really works. 

The It Works! Wrap system is a holistic body wellness product, especially when used in conjunction with other products like the defining gel. The active ingredients in the It Works! Wraps work together to get results. Each wrap comprises only the highest quality natural ingredients and works to support your body’s internal systems to detox, tone, and refresh. 

The best part about the It Works! Wrap system is short and long-term benefits. Specifically, in the short-term, users experience visual-inch loss and softer skin; in the long term, wrapping speeds the metabolism, creating energy and driving weight loss. With natural ingredients and proven efficacy, trying It Works! Wraps is a win-win situation for anyone considering adding wrapping to their ongoing wellness routine.

It Works! Wrap Pack™