The past year has brought self-care to the forefront of our minds. Whether we’ve been at home more with extra time to explore health, beauty, and wellness, or we’ve been worked off our feet as first responders or essential workers and are in need of rejuvenation to keep us going, health and beauty products have become a daily priority. We’ve also come to the realization that we deserve to look and feel our best no matter what we’re doing. This includes having healthy hair, skin, and nails. It Works Hair Skin and Nails with biotin and keratin boosts natural collagen and keratin production so we can rise and shine looking and feeling great. It’s as simple as taking two capsules per day to nourish our hair, skin, and nails from the inside out.

One of the ways It Works Hair Skin and Nails is helping people shine from within is by delivering vital proteins that are essential to building up the health of our hair, skin, and nails. With our passion for bringing science to health and beauty, we’re putting it into the hands of people around the world who are prioritizing their daily self-care. A big part of this is delivering the healthy proteins that are packed into our products so everyone can enjoy the benefits.

Increase & maintain strength

Collagen and keratin are powerful protein amino acids that bring many health and beauty benefits. Delivered within It Works Hair Skin and Nails capsules, these proteins are actually the same structural particles that our hair, skin, and nails depend on for structural support. Because hair is mainly comprised of keratin, when we ensure regular keratin intake, we achieve the volume, moisture, and strength we desire. This is particularly true for those dealing with drier hair types, or for those who color their locks regularly. Like hair, our nails are also largely keratin based. When we want to grow them strong and avoid them breaking, keratin is our best friend. Now, for the perfect trifecta– it’s also skin firming. The natural collagen these capsules contain is also a high performer. When we’re looking for increased elasticity, aka preventing wrinkles and offering smoother skin, regular collagen intake is a must. And, because our natural collagen production declines as we age, thankfully, we can reach for It Works Hair Skin and Nails capsules to supplement it.

Retain moisture

Whether we’ve been at home too long with the heat or cool air on, we’ve been working in all kinds of elements, or our body’s natural aging is sapping moisture, it’s rare to find anyone not in search of more moisture. When we’re stressed out or our hormone levels fluctuate either way, it can affect our natural collagen production, and that impacts our hair, skin, and nails by interfering with their ability to retain moisture. Daily supplementation of collagen with It Works Hair Skin and Nails helps our hair and skin stay protected from dryness, helping it hold moisture, and thus allowing it to stay looking smooth and firm.

Protect & repair

Our hair, skin, and nails are exposed to damaging chemicals and free radicals every day. From the products we use daily to sun and UV exposure, and including everything in between, our hair, skin, and nails take a lot of abuse. When it’s time to give them back some love, we turn to protein. Conveniently packed into It Works Hair Skin and Nails capsules, amino acids – the building blocks of protein – deliver the protective antioxidant properties within the body that these situations call for. In addition, they also heal and repair any damaged tissue and increase cell turnover for rapid repair and a more youthful appearance.

Putting the science into your hands

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