Sometimes the food that we eat, or some of the habits that we have, can leave us feeling unwell in many ways. Depending on what has been consumed, or how we want to feel in the future, well, it can seem like a good idea to get some of those things out of the system. The words ‘cleanse’ and ‘detox’ seem to mean the same thing, but are they the same? What is the difference between a detox and an It Works Cleanse?

What is an It Works Cleanse?

When people take in things that are not right for their system, their health suffers. We feel bloated, constipated, or perhaps even irritable, itchy, or dirty. When you want to feel good again, you want to feel cleansed. An It Works Cleanse is something that you can do for your gut. Gut health is good health.

Try a good quality cleansing product, like the It Works! Cleanse, to be rid of uncomfortable feelings of constipation or bloat. Do a cleanse for gut health to eliminate foods that are hard on the digestive tract, like dairy, eggs, soy, or refined sugars. It can be different for all. Once you are cleansed of these foods, replace them with healthier versions.

What is a Detox?

Unlike an It Works Cleanse, a detox cleanses the body of harmful toxins and addictive foods and drugs that cause feelings of poor health. Detoxing improves the health of the liver and kidneys to keep the rest of the body healthy. The liver and kidney should be free of harmful toxins because the rest of the body relies on these organs for energy and sleep, so sometimes they need a little help.

Detoxes are not always necessary: doing one can improve health, help you to lose weight, provide you with more energy, and help you feel better. Some of the things that you want to remove can definitely hold you back and lead you in a circle. Eating poor quality foods, excess salt, or using other substances leads to poor sleep, a low mood, and so a desire for more foods like this. Doing either a detox or an It Works Cleanse can be a great start towards better health.

That is basically the difference between the two. An It Works Cleanse is the better option. Detoxes should really be done through a clinic, or with therapy, so that a good eye can be kept on the foods that are being eliminated. Detoxes sometimes remove too many solid foods that are actually healthy, and sometimes this can go too far.

Cleanses are a much better option. They are done for a shorter time, such as for two days, and it works! How do It Works Cleanses work? By replacing some foods with healthier, better versions of similar foods that have the vitamins you need to see health benefits. A cleanse never leaves your body without the vitamins and foods that it needs.

Is a pre-made cleanse product healthy? Yes. For example, the It Works! Cleanse contains healthy ingredients, like ginger root and green tea, that are filled with the good stuff that you need. It is also important to take lots of water and lemon to flush the toxins out.

A detox and an It Works Cleanse can be similar; however, it’s always best to focus on the needs of your body. Visit our website more details.